Things are looking good!

It is supposed to be a record summer for the travel industry. A renowned German weekly newspaper wrote in February that tour operators and airlines are preparing for new record numbers. Eurowings, a Lufthansa subsidiary, plans to offer 380 flights to Mallorca this summer, per week! Ryanair has increased capacities, not compared to 20/21, but compared to 2019. TUI, brought 2.8 million people to Greece before Corona, this year it should be three million. The desire to travel in unbroken, there are good reasons for the catch-up: For one thing, people have got used to living with the pandemic, they know that the covid situation will improve in the summer. The vaccination certificates valid in Europe provide additional security. More and more children are vaccinated, which makes family travel easier. And – especially important – travel to nearby destinations is preferred, which is one of South Tyrol’s trump cards. 
So for South Tyrol’s guides and tour leaders, too, “normal times” will return, they are prepared for the season and have adapted the programme to the conditions with additional outdoor and nature tours.