Merano/Meran is the second largest town in South Tyrol, and undisputedly the region’s most famous tourist destination. Its rise as a world-famous spa town began in the 19th century, and became unstoppable after Austria’s Empress Sissi chose it as a location for several long holidays. After the horrors of two world wars, the secession from the Habsburg Empire and annexation to Italy, what was formerly known as the “Austrian monarchy’s southern balcony” gained a second wind. Sheltered by hills and mountains, the town started to spread out on to the terraces around the valley, with villages, hamlets, farms, churches and castles. Over time, the land became covered in vineyards, orchards, meadows and fields. Protected from the northern cold by high, steep mountains, Merano/Meran opens up to the south like an amphitheatre, taking in its light and warmth. In recent years, the town has been able to shed its reputation as an old-fashioned health resort, attracting scores of young, curious and enterprising visitors with a well-rounded host of attractions.

We, the tourist guides and tourist leader of South Tyrol, will be happy to take you on a discovery journey: 

On a 1½-hour guided tour we will show you the lively historic centre of Merano/Meran and its main attractions, including the St. Nicholas parish church, the Kurhaus – a fine example of an art nouveau palace – the picturesque arcades, the Passirio/Passer river promenades with the Sissi monument and the Wandelhalle – a distinctive Belle Epoque building overlooking the river. Other attractions include the thermal baths with their large park, the civic museum, the women’s museum, the Kunsthaus café, the Prince Castle or the Maria Trost church with its Romanesque frescoes in the Maia Bassa/Untermais quarter. A visit to the spectacular, internationally acclaimed gardens of Trauttmansdorff castle, which are situated in the Maia Alta/Obermais quarter, requires at least three hours, and the same goes for Castle Tirol, the ancestral residence of the counts of Tyrol, which is steeped in history and now hosts the South Tyrolean Museum of Cultural and Regional History.

With a half-day or full-day tour, our guides will offer you a more comprehensive overview of the area. Merano/Meran and the charming villages in its vicinity, such as Lagundo/Algund, Tirolo/Tirol, Scena/Schenna, Avelengo/Hafling and Lana are excellent starting points for exploring the Passiria/Passeiertal valley, the South Tyrolean Wine Road south of Bolzano, the diverse Venosta/Vinschgau valley, the Ortles/Ortler and the other glaciers in the Senales/Schnalstal valley – place of origin of Ötzi, the ice mummy. Speaking of which, Bolzano/Bozen and the archaeological museum where Ötzi is displayed are just 30 km away.

Are you looking for accommodation in the Merano/Meran area?

The local holiday associations and the Meran tourist office will be happy to receive your booking: – Meraner Land, Gampenstr. 95, 39012 Meran, T. +39 0473 200443,  – Kurverwaltung Meran, Freiheitsstr. 45, T. +39 0473 272 000,; .